Radiator Repairs

Our team of expert plumbers can resolve a wide range of radiator issues, quickly and efficiently. Whether your radiator's problem is a leak, airlock, uneven heating or a variety of other problems, it will be taken care of in a professional manner.

Radiator Installation

We supply and install brand new radiators and relocate existing radiators to wherever you want them in your home. Whether you're having one new radiator installed or you need them fitted throughout your home, our team can take care of the entire.

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Common Radiator Problems

Cold Patches at Top - This indicates that there is air present in the system and interfering with the hot water

Cold Patches at Bottom - Usually means there is a build up in the system, usually rust or sludge.

Cold Patches in Middle - Indicating a sludge or rust accumulation at the bottom of the radiator.

Dripping Water - They can leak from the body of the radiator, the bleed point, and the pipe fulling the radiator with water.

Not Heating - One or a few radiators not heating up is a common problem that has a number of possible causes.

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Reasons to Replace Radiators

  1. When installing a new heating system as the old radiators may leak.
  2. Your existing radiators are too small to properly heat large rooms efficiently.
  3. Radiators are unable to handle output from a new boiler that is larger or combi.
  4. Wear and tear of old radiators can mean constant repairs and inefficiency.
  5. Modern radiators are more efficient, saving you money in the long-term.