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A New Boiler From Dewar Plumbing

  • Free home survey from a local Gas Safe heating engineer to find the best boiler for your home. 
  • A New Boiler From £14 per month  
  • Up to 10 years manufacturer's warranty - depending on the model you choose.
  • Spread the boiler cost over a 7 year period with our flexible finance options.

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Why Have a New Boiler Installed?



Brand new A-rated efficient boilers can potentially save you hundreds of pounds each year as they operate at 90% efficiency, a stark improvement on the 55%-70% of some older boilers.

Save Money

Gas is expensive, with prices often rising. Ensuring you have the most modern and energy-efficient boiler goes a long way to bringing your household bills down.

Quieter Operation

Modern boilers are much improved in their design, using better materials to operate much more discretely, which makes a difference if it is located near bedrooms.

Environmentally Friendly

A modern boiler will bring down the overall carbon dioxide emissions from your household as it operates more efficiently, allowing you to effortlessly do your bit for the environment.

Compact Size

Modern boilers are smaller, which makes them more easy to place and hide in your home with cupboards than was previously possible.

Heating Controls

Newer boilers are compatible with the latest heating controls and gadgets that are available, providing greater control to adjust room temperatures individually from your phone or other devices.


Considerations When Choosing a Boiler


Which Type of Boiler?

There a variety of boilers out there that serve different purposes and suite different homes.

What Size of Boiler?

An oversized boiler is wasteful, finding the correct size for your needs is important.

Position of the Boiler?

Usually in kitchens or utility rooms on the ground floor with consideration of where the flue goes.

Integrating Renewables?

A growing consideration in recent year with the advent of home renewable-energy technology.


You'll have assistance in deciding each of these questions and more from one of our expert heating engineers to find the best boiler for your home.